Latest bugs filed for imageassistant

Bug #Description
26394 Unintended subpath concatenation in subsequent requests occurs if an error happens during a previous request
26393 HTML5 img.srcset attribute causes an oops
26390 Enhancement request: add support for environment variables like windir
26244 Please add parameters support in viewer launching command line
26101 Feature Request: Separate Save and Open folders
26096 Custom paths not starting with pre-defined macros (such as $Home) crash browser, since Firefox 40 (when support 4 native XPCOM components in addons was dropped in official mozilla releases)
26084 JS-CTypes library loading fails for profiles whose names contain non-ASCII characters
25946 Image Assistant Gecko 35 not opening viewer
25666 Please add support for FF 26.0
24974 Addons' native Windows component build linker configs have to be updated for them to be compatible with a security-enhancing change made for Firefox 13+: otherwise a linking error occurs on 64-bit Windows (WOW64)

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